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  • WHY UE
  •  Why UE?

    1. Our Committment

    We are a socially conscious and responsible partner that your chapter can be proud of.  We are committed to:

    • OUR CLIENTS – We are so confident in our service and our work that we stand behind it with a 100% money back guarantee.  We’re not just talking about guaranteeing the final product, we guarantee that working with us will be nothing less than a pleasure.  If we fail in our service or our final product, we’re ready to give you 100% of your purchase back. 
    • OUR EMPLOYEES – Our photographers are full-time employees of Ultimate Exposures; we don’t use weekend warriors or subcontractors that maybe have a photo hobby. These are our top photographers that have gone through extensive training. We care about their wellbeing and livelihood, we pay them well above a living wage, and cover them with our workers comp insurance and the company liability insurance. Our goal is to keep them working at Ultimate Exposures for many years.
    • OUR ENVIRONMENT – There is so much waste involved with printing, framing, and assembling art. Ultimate Exposures has worked diligently to partner with companies that have a deep care and concern for the environment. Our composites are assembled in a zero-waste facility. They never purchase endangered species wood or buy from protected forests. They use eco-responsible materials wherever possible, leveraging the best of what’s sustainable and recycled for our mouldings. (e.g. bamboo, reclaimed barn wood & fence board, fallen plantation trees, finger-joined scrap wood from domestic lumber mills, etc.). They offer wood materials that are certified as sustainably managed, which means that the wood we consume is more like the farm yield from a rotating crop — and the crop gets replanted for later yields.
    • OUR COUNTRY – We seek the finest quality materials and are proud that all the frames we offer are both sourced & made in the USA. 100% of our finishing — including matting, glazing & backing — is from US sources. Because keeping jobs in the US and supporting our economy has always been essential to our mission, each custom order is crafted by skilled artisans at our workshop.

    2. 100% Money Back Guarantee

    • At Ultimate Exposures we believe that if we provide excellent service and deliver a beautiful high quality composite you will choose to return to UE for your future composite needs. If we fail to live up to our standards, we fully expect that you may reconsider working with us in the future.
    • We guarantee your satisfaction with the entire Ultimate Exposures composite process. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your composite we will give you 100% of your money back or release you from your contract.
    • Release from contract requires dissatisfaction to be reported within 7 days of the delivery of the composite or within 3 days of the incident of a UE service failing. Refunds require the return of 100% of the personal copies and the master composite in the same condition it was delivered. Any damage to the master composite or missing individual copies will void this offer.

    3. You are the center of our process, from the date selection through design and delivery.

    • Unlike the big national companies, Ultimate Exposures works with each Fraternity or Sorority to find dates that work for their schedule.  We don’t tell you when your campus is on our schedule.  We encourage you to schedule your sitting near an event that will have high turnout, even if that is a weekend or evening.
    • We never assume that you want your composite to look like everybody else’s.  We work hard to provide you with a classy composite that reflects your style.   Colors, shapes, and design elements are never restricted to “the list”, feel free to order off the menu and we’ll create something new.
    • Delivery is not overlooked in our white-glove service.  Our crew will arrange for delivery at a time and date that works for you.  We don’t just blindly ship you a composite in a box and hope for the best.  Best of all, we don’t charge you for delivery or shipping unlike other companies.

    4. Speedy Deliver Time

    • Every company promises X number of days in their turnaround.  Lots of them spend time splitting hairs between business days and calendar days.  At UE we can and do regularly return composites in as little as three weeks.   The biggest element in the turnaround time is not the company, it’s you!  If you respond to the proofs in a timely manner and give any corrections in one email, your composite will be delivered before you know it.  Conversely, if you dily dally around with the proof and fail to return our messages, your composite will take longer.  We kindly remind you that the time period that you hold on to that proof stops the clock.  We guarantee that we will return your composite within 60 calendar days of approval or your next composite is discounted.

    5. 11x14 composite prints for each member included.

    • Our basic composite service always includes 11×14 copies for every member photographed as part of the all inclusive price.  If you don’t need them, talk to your rep and we’ll adjust the pricing accordingly.


    6. State of the art digital system—View and choose your picture immediately.

    • Ultimate Exposures was one of the first composite photographers to go completely digital in 2001.  We have refined the process into a painless experience with immediate feedback of your images so that you can fix your look if you don’t like something.

    7. Retakes are done immediately due to instant viewing.

    • Composites are made up of portraits.  Duh!  Seems simple right?  But, if you don’t like your portrait you’re not going to like your composite.  We aim for 100% satisfaction, so your portrait is the most important thing we do.  We will work with you until you are happy with your images.

    8. You choose the design, mat color, fonts, picture shape, and background.

    • We are not going to shove your pictures into a “one size fits all” template.  We listen to what you like and then we work to create a composite that exceeds your expectations.
    • We have a constantly growing catalogue of background choices to compliment your fraternity or sorority crest and colors to produce a cohesive composite.

    9. We will shoot indoor or outdoor, yes real outdoor shooting!

    • We arrive with our entire mobile studio, not just one light and a pop up backdrop.  We employ a 4 light set up for our indoor studio composites.  If you want something really unique, we find a location on your campus or chapter house yard and shoot with a real outdoor background.  We use next generation chroma-key technology (Green Screens) to simulate outdoor shoots, this allows us to climate control shooting conditions and deliver high-end portraiture, without wind and sweat that ruin outdoor shoots.

    10. Free portrait proofs emailed and mailed to your permanent address.

    • You do not have to come to our website and request proofs to be sent to you.  We collect the address information in our sitting scheduler or onsite.  Within 3 days you will have portrait proofs in your email inbox and within 2 weeks paper proofs are mailed to your permanent address, free of charge.

    11. Personalize your board with a picture of your house.

    • One of our clients came to us several years ago with the unique idea of putting a picture of their actual chapter house on the composite.  We went out and photographed the house and put it below their crest for a composite like no other.   If you have an idea for something different, let us know.

    12. Fast and easy online portrait ordering.

    • Upon receiving your proofs you can order online 24/7.  Our robust ordering website allows you to customize your portraits in real time with renderings of the final products.  Cropping,  Black & White, Sepia, custom titling and digital downloads are all available in one visit to our website.
  • FAQ ?
  •  FAQ

    1. Sign Up Sheets or Online Scheduling System

    • Our system allows us to photograph 1 person every 2 minutes.   You can request a sign up sheet for your chapter house, but we prefer to have your members make their appointments on our website so that there is very little information that must be collected on picture day.  Our online scheduler also gives everyone a real time look at the availability 24/7.

    2. Room Requirements

    • Our studio is very flexible, but we need a cleared space of 15×20 in order to get the best results.  If your chapter house does not accommodate, consider using a room on campus.  Air conditioning is also important as your members may be arriving in shirt and tie or formal attire and there will be a lot of people cycling in and out.

    3. Shoot Day Timelines

    • We will be in communication in the weeks leading up to your composite date to make sure everyone is ready.  We will call or text that our crew is on the road to you and we always plan to arrive an hour in advance of the shoot to set up.  After the shoot, your photographer and composite coordinator will confer to make sure the instructions to build the composite are correct.  After the shoot, our crew requires about 30-45 minutes to break down and pack up.

    4. Why do we want your permanent address?

    • Due to the nature of college and moving around frequently, we do request your permanent address for mailing our complimentary proofs.   We also find that parents are usually far more interested in ordering these portraits than the undergraduates.  We do not spam and we do not sell your information, ever!

    5. What about funny poses?

    • We understand that some chapters have a history of doing comedic composite photos and we want our end customer to be happy, but we are limited by the licensing agreement we have with your national office or headquarters.  If you plan on doing a joke or gag composite, you will need to let your UE Composite rep know right away so that we can assist you with getting permission and parameters from your headquarters.  Unfortunately, we cannot “take your word for it” that it has been approved, we will need a signed letter from your licensing officer at headquarters.

    6. What is Greek Licensing?

    • Short answer:  Long answer, national fraternities and sororities have chosen to have a company called Affinity Marketing enforce the copyright laws surrounding your organization marks, letters, logos, etc.  This is to insure that products that are produced with these marks are of quality and class.  Remember, your letters were around long before you and will be for long after, and the reputation associated with them is what you are responsible for in the mean time.   If you are not using a Greek Licensed photographer, you may be in violation of your national’s guidelines and if your fraternity or sorority is a member of Greek Licensing, that company is breaking the law.
    • All licensed companies have to be vetted by your headquarters and carry liability insurance,  adhere to protective clauses in our agreements and we pay a royalty to your headquarters for the legal right to use your marks in association with our product.

    7. Can we have just a one year contract or does it have to be two?

    • Ultimate Exposures rewards chapters for signing a two year contract with discounts in pricing.  It’s simple, we don’t have to spend the time and money working to recontract your chapter, so we pass on the savings.  We will offer a one year contract to any organization that wishes.  Since we also offer a 100% money back guarantee that will release you from contract if we do not perform to your expectations,  a two year contract is usually the best way to go.

    8. What do we wear?

    • The composite attire is up to your chapter.  Some fraternities choose to have matching attire which makes for a sharp composite, but it also can be difficult for everyone to find the same color clothing, and three of the same color ties and coats are required if you wish to go this route.  For sororities, we will provide black drapes for a classic look.  If you choose to go with a uniform shirt, try it out with your badge if you choose to include it.  Some badges are heavy enough to roll over on some shirts or sweaters and we want to show it off.

    9. What if someone can't make it to take their photo?

    • Our clients usually do not need a makeup day because we come to your chapter on the date that you chose, not some random date that just works for our traveling photographer.  We encourage you to pick a date around a large function so that high attendance will be easy to obtain.
    • If we have previously photographed the member, we will pull their photo from a previous year at no extra charge.
    • Ultimate Exposures is primarily a California local composite company, and as such we have studios in Sacramento and Los Angeles.  Your members are welcome to come to either of our studios generally without charge if it is a limited number of make ups.  We do offer make up day sessions on campus when we are shooting other chapters or specifically for your chapter.  We can work to batch your make up day with other chapters to cut the cost for you.

    10. When do we pay?

    • Payment is due at the photo session.  If more or less members show up than expected we will invoice or credit you prior to delivery.  If your chapter requires a payment plan please ask your UE Composite Rep, but all outstanding money must be paid prior to proof approval and building of your composite.

    11. How long will it take to get our composite?

    • Typically, 30-45 days from proof approval we will deliver your composite.  You are the key to the amount of time it takes, if you fail to respond to our proof emails and calls, it will take longer.  Ultimate Exposures does other types of seasonal photography as well, so waiting till you get out of school for the summer could put you right in the middle of graduation season.  This may delay your composite.

    12. How does proofing work?

    • Your composite proof will be posted to UE Composite Track where you can review it 24/7.  We will email you notification of its availability and remind you to send any corrections or approval so that we can begin building your board.

    13. How does personal print ordering work?

    • Once you receive your complimentary email or paper proofs you can place your personal print order online, over the phone, or by mail or fax.  We accept credit cards, checks, and paypal,   We DO NOT pressure sell portraits to you at your sitting.

    14. Do we get photos for our website?

    • At the conclusion of the proofing process your picture rep will be provided with a digital version of the composite for your website.  We encourage you to put it on your website, Facebook, or share it frequently.  We really appreciate it when you provide a link to our services!

    15. Who are your photographers?

    • We are a company that hires photographers for year round work.  All our photographers and assistants are employees of our company.  Many other composite companies claim to have a network of photographers all over the country, that means they sub-contract your composite photography to a local that does not take responsibility for the final product and who works on their own schedule.  Our photographers are thoroughly screened for criminal history and a good work history.  They are trained to produce the consistent photography that is required for a composite.  They are also fairly compensated and protected by workman’s compensation insurance as well as a company liability insurance policy of no less than one million dollars.
    • We also have an anti-creep photographer policy.  We search out the best employees with honesty, trustworthiness, and decorum.  Our employees will not “hit on” your members or attempt to set up a date.  We also make sure that there is always a female employee on a sorority shoot to provide the highest level of comfort and the lowest level of creepiness!
  • Design Page

    • Alphabetical Order: Officers in specified order, remaining members in alpha order from top left to bottom right.

      Alphabetical by Academic Level: Officers in specified order, remaining members in alpha order from top left to bottom right arranged with Seniors at the top and Freshman at the bottom.

      Alphabetical by Pledge Class: Officers in specified order, remaining members in alpha order from top left to bottom right arranged with oldest pledge class at the top and the newest pledge class toward the bottom.

      Other Customer Order: You must submit a sequence list prior to the shoot with all members listed in the order of appearance from top left to bottom right.
  • Request A Quote

  • Testimonials

    “I have to say that everything has been wonderful and it’s been a pleasure working with you guys. From the photographers staying later to work around fraternity time to you helping every step along the way, I can’t say thank you enough.”

    -Spencer Thompson, USC Sigma Nu

    “THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. You have been nothing but a blessing to us. We look forward to working with you next year.”

    -Precious Polk, CSU Northridge Alpha Sigma Theta

    “Besides producing a great product, Chris and his team were very understanding and patient with us throughout the entire process. They really kept their mind set on what was best for our house and I never felt like they were rushing us through the process to push profits. I must have requested four to five adjustments after the deadline and they accommodated them without hesitation or complaint. I had an extremely positive experience with Ultimate Exposures and am looking forward to working with them again in the future.”

    -Nick Wang, USC Lambda Chi Alpha

    “The team that brought over the composite was wonderful to work with and the process of transporting it to our house was easy and seamless.  Chris proved to be extraordinarily helpful, planning and giving us notes on all our wishes for the design of our composites as well as providing quick delivery and being easy to get a hold of.  We loved your work and thank you for a beautiful product.”

    -Camille Bradshaw, USC Kappa Alpha Theta

    “Not only is Chris great at doing what is in the best interest of our chapter, but he also takes beautiful photographs.  He has taken our Bid Day photos as well as our composite photos and always communicates in a timely manner to make sure that everything looks fantastic.  Ultimate Exposures has done a great job documenting our memorable events and I highly recommend that you ask them to document yours!”

    -Shoshana Falk, Sonoma State Alpha Omicron Pi

    “The CA Gamma chapter of Pi Beta Phi has been using the services of Ultimate Exposures to create our composite for several years now, and for a good reason. Working with Chris has been nothing but a pleasure, as he has proven time and time again that he is dependable, understanding, and always willing lend a helping hand. Pi Phi knows it can count on Ultimate Exposures to take high quality pictures and build a beautiful composite for our house each year and I, personally, would highly recommend their services to anyone.”

    – Alina Vergara-Hegi, USC Pi Beta Phi

    “Ultimate Exposures was a pleasure to work with. Chris Silvers was accommodating and friendly, and he turned out a top quality product to our full satisfaction. We are very pleased with his services and look forward to working with him again.”

    -Eric Chen, UC Davis, Tau Kappa Epsilon

    “Ultimate Exposures was such an enjoyable experience for our chapter. Chris and his staff were friendly and made sure each one of us was absolutely satisfied with our photo. The process was efficient, yet still personal. Chris made sure to connect with every member. We were thrilled when our vision came to life in our final product.”

    -Alix Kelsey, CSU Chico, Sigma Kappa

    “I have had the best experience working with Ultimate Exposures. Chris was very attentive and made me feel like he really cared about my organization. Everything was done quickly and correctly. I’m extremely pleased with the company and will make sure we’re using them for all our photography needs for years to come.”

    -Shannon Mockler, CSU Northridge, Alpha Omicron Pi

    “We started using Ultimate Exposures a few years ago and love doing business with them! Not only is Chris and his staff a pleasure to work with, the composite always turns out amazing. Chris ensures that every member is satisfied with their picture and jumps through hoops to make sure the final product is exactly what we wanted. If you are looking for a company that is professional, delivers a quality product, and has the best interest of its customers I highly recommend Ultimate Exposures!”

    -Taylor LaRossa, CSU Chico, Gamma Phi Beta

    “Working with Chris at Ultimate Exposures was a wonderful experience. He provided our chapter with outstanding customer service and quick delivery. I look forward to working with Ultimate Exposures again in the future.”

    -Alicia Yaden, UC Davis, Delta Gamma

    “The Ultimate Exposure team has been a tremendous pleasure to work with.  Our chapter has been using their services for two years now and couldn’t be more please with the high quality customer service and outstanding composites we’ve received.  If your a new chapter looking to get their first composite or an existing chapter looking for a new company Ultimate Exposures is by far the best choice!”

    -LT Piver, CSU Chico, Alpha Sigma Phi


Ultimate Exposures has been serving the Greek community for nearly 30 years. From our traditional handmade composites to our economical flat digital print composites, we deliver the finest composites on the market.


Our hassle-free customer experience begins the moment you choose to work with us. The focus is on you and your chapter, not our schedule or our prescribed formats. We work for you and we recognize the importance of that by standing behind our composites and our event photos with a 100% money back guarantee. Every Greek licensed photographer must provide a warranty. At UE, we take it one step further. We will refund your money if you are unhappy for any reason.  Our goal to provide the best experience doesn’t end there, we have outlined a 4 point commitment to you the client, our employees, the environment, and our country in the Why UE section to the left.


Owned and operated by fellow Greek alumni,  we understand what it means to be Greek. Our business was built on the Greek market, photographing Party Pics, Bid Days, and Composites for the last 25+ years. We invite you to explore the UE house, we hope you like what you see!

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