greek events


Ultimate Exposures has been photographing Bid Day Groups, Presents Ceremonies, and parties since 1987. Owned and operated by Greeks, we know the excitement of these events and capturing these great moments is what we do best!


While you are putting your best foot forward in every other area of recruitment, remember to book the best photography choice. You need a Greek Licensed professional with the right training and equipment to capture those shots! Ultimate Exposures is the answer to both your needs and your budget.


  • We offer Bid Day and Presents coverage with ZERO SHOOT FEES.
  • We are the only Greek Licensed photographers with local offices in Sacramento and Los Angeles.
  • We offer the lowest prices in the business and we even offer 5×7 groups.
  • We offer two programs, “Preorder & Save” and “View Online & Order Anytime.”


Our Party Pics coverage at your events allow all your members to relax and have fun rather than worry about documenting your activities.  You’ll also be able to just go to our website to see all the pictures in one place.  With our fun products and professional prints you’ll never settle for a blurry camera phone picture again!  You can custom caption and add graphics to your pictures to create a completely unique memory of that special event.  We send our own screened and insured photographers to your event with image quantity and quality goals and the training to work in any situation.



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